Resume Writing

Are you in a time crunch or stuck with an outdated resume? 


Our team of professional writers can draft the best resume to showcase your experiences, achievements and skills to fit your preferred industry and Canadian standards.


A 5 star resume application package can help you highlight your advantage as you work towards your dream job.

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How does it work?

  • We Connect you with our Professional Writing Team

    You will first receive an email that will introduce you to your writing team. Keep an eye on your inbox. 

  • Submit your Current Resume

    Use your past experiences to your advantage. Send us your current resume or a list of your previous experiences so we can see your career achievements so far. 

  • Discuss with the writing team about your career goals and industry

    In your email to our writers, don't forget to specify your career needs and industry. Remember we work across sectors!

  • Wait (up to) 5 Days

    At this stage, we recommend you sit back and relax. We do provide expedited services if needed. Please fill out our Contact Us form if you need this done faster. 

  • Recieve your ATS Friendly, Professional Resume

    Your new and improved resume will be sent directly to your email and it will be ready to share with your connections and  potential employers. 

Resume Writing

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$159   $79


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