We help international students & alumni to STAY, WORK and SUCCEED

in Canada

We help international students & alumni to STAY, WORK and SUCCEED

in Canada

Does this sound familiar?

(Raise your hand if it does)

  • Living and studying in Canada is a lot harder than you expected. You are struggling to build your network and feel alone and unsupported.

  • You don’t know where to start to learn more about your chosen industry, its employers, required skills, or the Canadian job market.

Nice to meet you!

You have what it takes.  


We have the community and expertise to support you along the way. 

The Full Package: Access everything you need to ace your job search in Canada and get ahead of the competition. Take advantage of all of Devant's expert contacts, services and events - PLUS get 1:1 coaching and interview training.

Before joining Devant, I had no confidence in myself. I was struggling to find a job and stressed about getting a co-op. After learning all the skills provided, I managed to get a co-op and made some good connections in my industry. I cannot thank Devant enough. 

Palak Pandya


Under the guidance of the Devant team, I was able to create a targeted resume, understand how to network with other people on LinkedIn, and how to implement the "STAR" strategy for my interviews. As a result, it took me about a month to successfully land my ideal job. 

Michelle Wang


With Devant's mentorship, I was able to do the right things that are tough to know by yourself in a short time. Devant is the best company for anyone who needs career assistance. Start as early as possible and give Devant and yourself enough time. 

You'll reach your target job!  

Kunal Khanna



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